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It's all about the money: After destroying low-cost hydroxychloroquine, Big Pharma...

•, by: Lance D Johnson

During the covid-19 fiasco, Big Pharma and the complicit left-wing media launched a series of media attacks against an inexpensive antiviral drug that was being used with success to help patients recover from covid-19 infections. The drug, hydroxychloroquine, had been used with success for over eighty years for various health issues. But during covid-19, a corrupt analytics company published fraudulent data that led to hydroxychloroquine being denounced in prestigious medical journals – the Lancet, and the British Medical Journal. This led health authorities in countries around the world to ditch the drug, leaving countless patients helpless. For years, this antiviral had been promoted and used for various health issues – its side effects a non-issue as people recovered from malaria and other health problems.

Big Pharma-controlled media destroys inexpensive treatments to promote expensive new drugs

Hydroxychloroquine is very inexpensive to make and, not patented, can be used for less than $20/dose. But instead of getting people the help they need, Big Pharma tried to cash in on the crisis. During the covid-19 panic, pharmaceutical companies capitalized on public health emergency orders, and secured billions of dollars in funding for new drugs and vaccines. Some of these new taxpayer-funded investments are being pushed into the market, with a steep price tag and a propaganda campaign to go along with it. Now Big Pharma and the complicit left-wing media are promoting Gilead's new $3,120 treatment – a five-dose course of remdesivir, a formerly shelved Ebola drug.