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The 5 Biggest Scandals [so far] Of The Coronavirus Response

•, By Jefferey Jaxen

A sanity-seeking public has mostly been met with "facts" that shift daily and politicized science that leaves core truths elusive. There have been scandals that spur questions about what is really happening behind this extended virus campaign. Clearing the air of the smokescreen of fear and narrative-driven headlines, major mishandling and open fraud have been smeared across the coronavirus landscape. 

Here are just five scandals to consider: 

Double Counting
Early in the pandemic, testing was the cornerstone of information gathering to understand more about Covid-19. The race was to see how many antibody tests governments could throw at their populations. 

Yet issues emerged almost immediately, according to The Telegraph, as both the UK's The Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England each confirmed double-counting of tests. This inflated the daily reported diagnostic test numbers by over 20%, with that proportion being much higher earlier in the crisis, before home test kits were added to the daily totals.