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How China and India Matchup Militarily if the Border War Escalates

•, by Brian Wang

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) has various maps and analysis of the situation. Indian experts have disputed the ASPI analysis. It is a highly mountainous terrain bordering China-Tibet and India.

China is putting about 1000 soldiers into the area and has built 500 trenches and fortifications. The IISS reports China has three border-defence companies based close in Aksai Chin. Two are drawn from the 362nd Border Regiment and are located at Fort Khurnak on the north bank of Pangong Lake and at Spanggur Lake to the south. The third is located at the Kongka Pass near the Indian post at Gogra/Hot Springs and belongs to the 363rd Border Regiment. There is also a patrol boat squadron on Pangong Lake itself. These units are about 500–600 personnel. Additional forces – drawn from one or both of their parent Border Defence Regiments' operational reserves – have also been deployed to the area, raising the total PLA border forces in the area to 1,000–1,500 personnel. In addition to the border forces, the PLA Army has mobilized additional conventional combat forces, most likely from the 6th Mechanised Division.

By the end of May, companies of main battle tanks and batteries of towed artillery had been deployed at existing Chinese positions north and east of Gogra.