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OP-ED: Is Nikola The Next Tesla? Is Mainstream Fuel-Cell Tech Vaporware?

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Posted on EVANNEX June 18, 2020 by Eli Burton

Over the past week, Nikola has taken the media by storm due to their share price increasing over 100% in a single day — reaching a peak market cap of over 26 billion dollars, making the company more valuable than Ford Motor Company. Put in other terms, Nikola reached the market cap that Tesla had a year ago. Tesla hit this point more than 10 years into delivering production electric cars.

Artwork: Eli Burton

Normally a surging "sustainable energy" company would be good news. But when you begin to look at the vaporware more clearly, the wheels start to come off.

First of all, Trevor Milton, the Chairman of Nikola Motors, appears to be trying to emulate Elon Musk on Twitter. 

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