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Here Are The Best And Worst Electric Cars In Terms Of Battery Degradation

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The numbers come from Select Car Leasing and Geotab.

Discussing aftermarket battery replacements is something that buyers of new electric cars probably do not think about. They are comfortable buying them, and keeping them for a while, and reselling them to get another new one. On the other side, EV fans that would rather avoid depreciation also have to dodge battery degradation. But which electric cars lose more capacity? And which ones lose less? Select Car Leasing tried to solve those questions.

To create the lists that answer them, Select Car Leasing used data from Geotab, which has analyzed more than 6,300 electric cars to discover how their battery packs held their capacities. Geotab considers many variables – such as temperature and fast charging – to reach the numbers we have here.

The Best And Worst EV In Terms Of Battery Degradation Are Here

You'll probably be surprised to see that the Chevrolet Bolt did not present any battery degradation in that period. The vehicle to get closest to that was the Audi A3 e-tron – a plug-in hybrid – with only 0.3 percent of degradation.