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How To Make Money Owning An EV Charging Station

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We recently wrote about United Chargers' Grizzl-E home EV charging station, which is an incredible value at just $399 (plus $25 off for InsideEVs readers) for a high-powered home charger built in North America that features high quality components and class-leading specs. The Grizzl-E home EV charging station is the basis for the new Grizzl-E Power Control and Payment Solution (GPCPS), which businesses like condominiums, grocery stores, parking lots, shopping malls, hotels, and more can employ to serve their EV-loving customers and residents and make a profit at the same time. United Chargers is accepting pre-orders for the GPCPS now, and here's why you'll want to get in line fast.

Incredibly, no other commercial EV charging solution until now has found a path to profitability, which is why we haven't seen EV charging stations popping up all over yet. When you do see them, you can bet they were either subsidized or offered to customers at a loss. But United Chargers has cracked the code, which we hope leads to an increase of new for-profit charge points across the country that both aid EV-based travel and actually makes their owners money.

The GPCPS consists of a Power Control and Payment Hub (PCPH) and individual charging Nodes. These Nodes are the chargers themselves and they're based on the Grizzl-E home EV charging station but feature more tech inside to allow them to communicate with the PCPH. The PCPH is the smart control device that manages the Nodes and does things like control power flow, accept payments, print receipts, and store the system's data. This way, you're only paying for one smart control device per set of Nodes (up to 42!), unlike competitor products where each individual charger is its own smart controller and you pay for that sophisticated tech over and over.