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Calling Mainstream News "Fake" Is Not "Dangerous"

• The Daily Bell

They peddle CIA and Wall Street talking points in exchange for remaining in the good graces of power, and they do it all for access and advertiser bucks. In short, they do fake news. A spade is a spade; calling it by its name is not any sort of transgression.

Contrary to their claims, attacks on CNN are not attacks on the Fifth Estate because CNN is not a news agency. Rather, CNN is home of propagandists for multinational corporations, loyal lapdogs to power, and duty-filled bootlickers. By virtue of their craven subservience to their masters, they do not deserve respect.

Nonetheless, news actors pretending to occupy the moral high ground persist to tut-tut Americans who don't goosestep obediently to their narrative. Their on-air theatrics — like the most recent meltdown by human-gopher hybrid Brian Stelter – are, God willing, the death throes of the elite's lapdog class that feels its grip on the American psyche slipping.

The lapdog class' feigned indignance at accurate criticism of their lack of integrity or substance shows for their world how quickly they whither under scrutiny. Their crocodile tears at the alleged "threat" of attacks by the peasant class on the press are informed by their unparalleled sense of entitlement to viewers' worship.

Brian Stelter:  Cable News Actor, CNN's Pride, and Proud Owner of the Most Psychopathic Disposition on Television. Does this look like a guy you should trust for news, or even let near schoolchildren?

"News" is defined by objective and impartial analysis of current events. Propaganda, by its nature, cannot be objective. Therefore, propaganda is not news. What CNN does, in fact, is propaganda for the deep state poorly disguised as hard-truth-telling. In turn, CNN is not a news agency.