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Our Lives Don't Matter

•, By eric

An authoritarian.

The distinction is important.

Daniel Shaver wasn't black – and the AGW (Philip Brailsford) who got away with killing this unarmed white man who was crawling on the floor begging for his life wasn't motivated by racism, either.

He was motivated by something far worse than racism – because authoritarianism is policy.

AGWs – the term is used not in a derogatory but in a literal sense – are not in the business of protecting rights. They are in the business of enforcing laws (they use exactly this term to describe themselves). To the nth degree, submission to the law being the fundamental thing.

Including, implicitly, submission to them.

Think carefully about that – about what it means. As opposed to what it used to mean to be a peace officer, whose business was protecting people's rights.

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