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In brave new America, leaders kneel and looters are saluted.

• by Robert Bridge

It would be difficult to name a more action-packed six months than the first half of 2020.  From Russiagate to riots, Americans feel like blindfolded passengers on a roller-coaster ride, totally unprepared for the corkscrew curves and dizzying dives ahead. All they can do is scream and hold on for dear life.

The worst part of this amusement-park hellscape, however, is not the news per se, but how US leaders – specifically Democrat leaders – are responding to it. Consider, for example, the lockdown measures implemented in response to Covid-19. While most people begrudgingly accepted the need for quarantine, masks and social distancing, Democratic leaders piled on additional pain that did nothing to stop the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, the measures seemed tailor-made – like a form-fitting straitjacket – to drive their imprisoned constituents crazy. How else to explain the ban on mowing lawns, swimming in the ocean, and using a motorboat on an empty lake?