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Seattle Motorist Shoots Protester, Police Violate 'Tear Gas Ban' During Another Night Of

• Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

The media has taken great pains to protect the legitimacy of the protest movement by pushing the narrative that demonstrations were 'largely peaceful' even as protesters in the US defaced the Lincoln Memorial, and attacked a children's hospital, among other transgressions. On Sunday evening, the Minneapolis City Council sided with the radical left by voting in a veto-proof to dismantle the city's police department and replace it with a "holistic" public-safety department.

As NYPD officers in some parts of NYC smoked cigars and enjoyed ice cream while taking pictures with some marchers and motorists in a gesture of "deescalation", an armed driver in Seattle barreled into a crowd of protesters, shooting one person who reportedly tried to stop him, before surrendering to police.

At least, that was the description of the incident provided by the media: Video shows the motorist driving into a "barricade" in the middle of the street, then whipping out his gun after a protester reached his hand inside the man's vehicle. The shooter is in custody, and the protester who was shot is in stable condition.