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Remembering William Norman Grigg and Questioning the Narrative of the Riots

•, By Yvonne Lorenzo

I do not know how many people who visit look for the writings of authors who are no longer with us; one of the contributors of some of the most powerful articles to was the late William Norman Grigg who wrote frequently on police violence and also the reprehensible and corrupt behavior of law enforcement and government. However, although not white, he did not limit his outrage only to those victims who were black or minorities; he wrote about all victims, for example Brittany Irish in "We Have a 'Duty' to Submit; They Have No Duty to Protect", or the story of an unacknowledged hero, Joseph Lozito—not a police officer—in "Your 'Duty' to Protect and Serve the Police." Grigg was color blind in that I believe, being a Christian, he saw that there are numerous victims of police abuse of power who are not just black Americans, and he was appalled by violent police conduct against all American victims and didn't focus on the their race; rather, he realized the problem was systemic.

I wonder what he would have written about the violence in response to the murder (as I agree with Fred Reed on this) of George Floyd by a policeman (with other officers as bystanders, doing nothing to save Floyd's life). However, today Bill Sardi provided a comment that Lew Rockwell posted on his Political Theater blog that raises questions that I suspect will go unanswered:

"So suddenly a cop suffocates a black man in the street with an unknown party filming, and the cop is not bothered by the filming, and the cops abandon their headquarters (looked pretty cleansed of papers, etc.) and the cops certainly have intel and would know by infiltration that ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER are sending saboteurs to Minneapolis.  The George Floyd fiasco then becomes center stage.  Take our minds and eyes off of the COVID-lie."