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Attention American Veterans: You Have Not Fought Your Last Battle for Your Country

•, Dave Hodges

Are we as a nation "dead in the water"?

Some people think that America has won some kind of great victory because Fauci and the DOJ are issuing warnings across the country to Democratic mayors and governors that they need to back off the people's constitutional rights. Where has this been? In 10 weeks, our country has been destroyed. Our economy is in ruins, suicides are off the charts, our military is losing its ability to wage a long-term war against China and Russia, and America is showing very low signs of life in terms of defending our way of life. So why would globalists like the Bill Gates bootlicker, Anthony Fauci tell the Democratic leadership to backdown against the people? The answer is simple: Some of America was beginning to show small signs of life and temporarily backing off could prevent a small awakening from turning into a populist revolution like what we are seeing in Hong Kong.