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Interplanetary as Easy as Intercontinental By 2040s

•, by Brian Wang

Marc says that for whatever speed increase we want then we will need to square the energy increase.

If we want to go ten times faster then, in general, we need 100 times the energy for the propulsion.

I have observed that SpaceX has been doubling its annual launch capacity every two years since 2009. This rate of progress will soon be doubling or more every year with the fully reusable Superheavy Starship.

Having hundreds or thousands of Superheavy Starships will give us transportation capabilities to the orbit and moon that will exceed the amount of material supplied in the invasion of Europe in World War 2.

Each Starship also has more volume than the International Space Station. Each Starship will enable a large base wherever they are kept in orbit, the moon, Mars or elsewhere.

This also means we can bring gigawatts of solar panels, batteries and arrays of modular lasers.

This will enable laser beamed propulsion at 100 megawatts and beyond by 2030 and tens of gigawatts by 2040.