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Shocking pictures show tent cities alongside LA freeways amid growing row over bid to...


Photographs of plastic coverings and squalid tents lining Los Angeles' freeways's on and off ramps have shown the shocking extent of the homeless crisis in the city - as city and county officials row over who will pay to disperse the 7,000 people living in the roadside encampments.

An order issued last week by US district judge David O. Carter asked authorities to form a plan by tomorrow to move the thousands of homeless people living alongside freeways.

The judge cited concerns over the effect of tailpipe fumes on the health of those living underneath congested zones. Other threats to safety include the risk of the freeways' collapse during an earthquake or if the camp falls in the path of a car crash, reported the Los Angeles Times.

A hearing to discuss how city and county officials are going to respond to the order was cancelled yesterday after the authorities failed to come up with a combined solution. Talks broke down on Tuesday evening after the two parties struggled to decide how to fund the monumental operation.

The order will take affect tomorrow, but a dispute over who will pay the tens of millions of dollars for extra shelter places to send the thousands of dispersed homeless has left the city without a plan. 

Los Angeles county and city representatives offered separate outlines for how they would deal with the order, both with varying degrees of detail but focusing on creating more shelter spaces and safer parking areas for the homeless to move to.