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Government Licensing Is Just As Illegitimate

•, By Laurence M. Vance

He has been following all of the ridiculous government safety guidelines: wearing masks, social distancing, and using an ultraviolet sanitizer on his tools.

Customers came from around Michigan and waited hours to get their hair cut. "I'm doing walk-ins, appointments, working people in between appointments," Manke said. "It's hard, but I love doing it. I'm so grateful I can make a living again." The 77-year-old barber said that he was "not trying to prove some point," but just "needed to get back to work." Governor Whitmer "is not my mother," he added. "We're not children, we can manage our own lives."

Manke received a citation for violating the executive order on the third day he was open. He also faces two misdemeanor charges for reopening his shop despite state shutdown orders: a health department violation and the governor's executive order violation.

So, what else did the state of Michigan do? It revoked his barber's license.

Elsewhere in the "land of the free," restaurants that are reopening in violation of governors' executive orders are being threatened with having their liquor licenses taken away.

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