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Resist: Recognize the Enemies of Your Freedom

• By Michael S. Rozeff

 You can't board an airplane unless you allow this chip under your skin. Sorry, you cannot enter this store unless you show your papers or your personal mark is scanned. Sorry, we do not sell you anything for cash. We require your digital ID so that all your purchases can be entered into a database and tracked by an invisible army of artificial intelligence machines. Sorry, your school locker is not yours, and we will search it. We'll search you too. Get used to it. Big Brother Is Watching You.

The whole world of control that is opening to our view is absolutely intolerable or should be. It's totalitarian. The steps so far taken in that direction are baby steps. Watch out. There will always be some excuse, some depression, some disease, some natural catastrophe, some enemy that will be available to extend these powers. They all are moving us to total control. Freedom disappears through these movements.

Total control is the natural goal of people given powers that lie beyond the control or out of the control of each of us. There can be a totalitarian democracy or republic, and it can be as powerful and outrageous in its edicts and despotism as any government run by a single despot or tyrant. If you as an individual person cannot escape from the edicts that control your lives, then you are experiencing totalitarianism.