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Andrew Cuomo Was Responsible for Thousands of Nursing Home Residents Dying, He Should Face Charges

•, Alex Schadenberg

The article recognized that many nursing home residents with Covid-19 were likely going to die based on pre-existing health conditions, nonetheless, some of the deaths were related to guidelines and protocols to not provide treatment. I stated that these guidelines and protocols were a form of discrimination, ageism and elder abuse.

New York State is one of the most devastated regions for Covid-19. As of May 13, the New York state has reported more than 338,000 Covid-19 cases and almost 22,000 deaths.

Further to the devastation experienced by New York state is the number of Covid -19 nursing home deaths.

Governor Cuomo has just rescinded a policy forcing nursing homes to accept residents who were Covid-19 positive without providing the resources and protective equipment needed to care for these people.

Clearly, a policy forcing nursing homes to accept residents who are infected with a deadly virus that spreads to others is a policy that would cause many deaths.