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Trump to name vaccine czar;

• by Mike Adams

Trump is about to name a "vaccine czar" to run "Operation Warp Speed," a fast-track scheme to distribute 300 million untested, unsafe vaccines across America before the end of the year. The person being named to the position is a former executive with GlaxoSmithKline, a criminal corporation that admitted to a large-scale felony bribery scheme in its $3 billion settlement with the DOJ. GSK's bribery scheme involved 44,000 doctors and violated the laws of every state in the nation.

With no qualms about doing business with corporate felons, President Trump is now jumping in bed with Big Pharma criminals to turn the American people into human guinea pigs in order to push Big Pharma profits and try to boost the stock market in time for the November elections. And instead of choosing to work with a corporation that has no criminal record, he chose the vaccine maker that has the worst criminal record across the entire vaccine industry.