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Burr Resigns As Head Of Intel Committee Over 'Insider Trading' Probe

•, by Tyler Durden

Update (1350ET): As political observers speculate about the possibility that the DoJ is targeting Burr because "Trump doesn't like him" (yet another left-wing "conspiracy theory" that's picking up traction with mainstream outlets), another senator who has been embroiled in the probe has reportedly answered questions and turned over documents while her innocence in the matter has only been lightly questioned.

Who else?

Update (1215ET):  Mitch McConnell just confirmed that Burr will step down from his position as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

It's not exactly a shock...

Although the public outrage over stock trades made by GOP Senators during the early days of the US coronavirus outbreak appears to have subsided, the DoJ's investigation into the 'controversial' stock trades has continued apace. And in the latest update, the LA Times revealed late Wednesday that FBI agents had seized the cellphone of Sen. Richard Burr during the course of the investigation.