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Video Released Of Iranian 'Friendly Fire' Disaster Which Killed & Wounded Dozens

•, by Tyler Durden

A frigate involved in military maneuvers sustained "friendly fire" as a target-seeking missile launched from a nearby destroyer slammed into its stern instead of striking the dummy "target" — or rather as it turns out, the ship had just towed out to sea.

And now new video has been released showing the immediate aftermath of the accidental missile strike. The Iranian government has confirmed the authenticity of the below video released by IRIB News and Mehr News.

According to the Intelligence Firm Jane's Information Group cited by the Washington Post, the ship was struck not far from the Iranian port city of Jask, near the Strait of Hormuz by a Noor an anti-ship cruise missile that has long been a part of Iran's anti-ship arsenal.

Notably, this latest "mishap" - which happened during a missile test in the Gulf of Oman - occurred shortly after President Trump ordered US Navy ships in the area to fire on Iranian ships if they felt threatened.