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China Unveils Pandemic-Fighting T1-Smart-Glasses That "See" People's Temperatures In R

• by Tyler Durden

The pandemic glasses are called T1 glasses and are developed by Hangzhou-based startup Rokid. The glasses help the wearer screen for symptoms that are common among late-stage COVID-19 carriers such as high body temperatures, reported Reuters

Rokid Vice President Xiang Wenjie said demand has surged for the augmented-reality glasses with 1,000 pairs purchased by governments, industrial parks, and schools.

"Apart from fixed temperature measurement, T1 can provide portable, distant, and prompt temperature checking, which would be a great help," Xiang said.

The glasses have an infrared sensor and a camera that allow the wearer to "see" peoples' temperatures. Upgraded versions are coming, will enable the wearer to take multiple readings at once in public areas.