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•, Dave Hodges

I described the hybrid form of government that is emerging from this so-called crisis. I mentioned that we were going to see abject Gestapo tactics befitting Hitler's regime. We did not have to wait long for the closet Nazi's of Ventural County to don their swastiskas and begin to seriously abuse the civil liberties of their constituents. 

Here is the story of how the Ventura Health Department and accompanying police are coming to your door to "snatch" anyone that they "suspect" has a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. 

The spokesperson, for Ventura County, stated in the following video, that the County reserved the right to remove anyone from the home and place in alternative housing, or tents!

Amazingly, one of the criteria for removal from the home, mentioned by this official in the following video, is if the home has more people than bathrooms.  This is so outrageous that this does not warrant, nor require any further explanation. 

This is what true tyranny looks like, Nazi style.