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The Conquest of America by Communist China

•, by Richard M. Ebeling

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman also recently insisted that "We Need Great Leadership" (April 21, 2020), and he was sure what it looks like. While the efforts of individuals, great and small, are acknowledged in facing the coronavirus, the primary presumption is that the country needs strong, confident, and convincing political leadership and direction. How very wrong this really is!

Whether it be governments in Europe and other parts of the world, or here in the United States at either the federal or state levels, the default position among political leaders, the scientific "experts," and the mass media pundits and talking heads has been that people and communities cannot and must not be left alone to find ways of dealing with the tragic and for some a very deadly virus that seems easily transmitted from one person to another.

In almost every instance around the globe, the policy template has been to stay at home, don't go to work (unless its declared "essential" by the political authority), don't socialize or shop (unless admitted to be "necessary" by the government and its "experts"), and do not question or doubt that the draconian methods imposed by political decree are the absolutely right and correct ones.

What we are witnessing in all of this is the conquest of the world by China. I do not just mean by this China's continuing prominent place in the global economy or its bid for greater diplomatic and military presence and power around the world. I mean China's success in leading and helping to reinforce the presumption that government central planning with comprehensive command and control is the only means by which to defeat the coronavirus.