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History Lesson on Resisting Tyranny That We Learned at the Bundy Ranch


Now we are told that they are planning to force us all to take a vaccine that they have not yet tested. This is in place of curing COVID-19 in less than 6 days with $20 worth of Hydroxy chloroquine. Hydroxy chloroquine has been in use for 70 years, and its effects are well known.

But the FDA now says that you can only get Hydroxy chloroquine if you are already in a hospital.

Delaying treatment of COVID-19 will result in permanent lung damage which will not heal when the patient is finally cured.

They are planning to set up road blocks and check points and to deport people to camps if they refuse to be vaccinated with a vaccine that has no history of testing.

This video will show us what can be done at those road blocks and check points.

Full credit for bringing this information is given to Infowars and Prison Planet.