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We're Not Creepy Video Chat Server

• Peter James

We're Not Creepy Website Headline above links to Indiegogo campaign.

Being forced to stay home is taking a toll on Americans both financially and emotionally. In order to help, Peter James and CCA are providing free video chat servers during the COVID lockdown, so that people can stay connected with friends and family, conduct business, virtually visit the doctor and take online courses, etc.

I want to provide a private secure video server for your personal PC that doesn't send out your personal data and provides secure communications.

We are developing a video chat server that runs entirely on your PC. This eliminates the need of transmitting and storing user information on other entities' servers.

By creating and sending new unique video chat links for each session, we can avoid most hacking(ie. Zoombombing) attempts. By eliminating the requirement to sign up for an account or maintaining a centralized number directory, we eliminate the possibility of user data being used by others.

There have been over 200 million "free" video chat sessions on Zoom during the COVID crisis. The real cost has been your privacy. If your good at setting up networking, try the "We're not Creepy" Windows version here. Download
We are developing automated scripts to configure your router, add security certificates, and setup router fowarding, generate new ports and chat invitations, etc.
The beta version uses an external TURN server Extract the download file to desktop and click it. After it finishes, open chat folder and click install.bat. It may give a warning. If so click more info and run anyway. Whenever you want to run the server click on the run.bat file. Launch a browser and go to "https:localhost:8443" to wait for a call.

Find your local internal IP address by opening a command prompt and typing ipconfig. Open the port 8443 on your router. This is usually is a "Forwarding" option on your router's menu. Eventually, we will be writing scripts to automate this for most popular routers. Forward the 8443 port to your internal ip address of the PC running the server.

Next find your external ip address at a "whois" website. Send an email to friends you want to talk with telling them to go to "https://:8443

Zoom has been caught providing users information to Facebook and others, secretly placing web servers on users machines, claiming secure "end-to-end" communication but its not, uses sub par encryption. Zoom has also been subject to "Zoom Bombing"

Zoom has 700 programmers in China writing their software. It only takes one of these programmers to insert back doors into the code. Other video application have similar privacy concerns. Your can watch "The Creepy Line" on Amazon Prime to understand the downside of free services and apps.

We will release a two way chat server first, then a group video chat server. The advantage of the two way server is that none else can join the chat session.

We hope to have the install script finished in a few days. Check back to see when it is available.

Cost of servers after the COVID lockdown are $10 for a two way personal server, $25 for a personal Group Server, $100 for a commercial two way server and $250 for a commercial group server.