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As Israel moves to annex West Bank territory, how will international community respond?

• Victor Kattan and Andrew Dahdal

With domestic and international conditions now in its favour, the Israeli government is on the verge of formalising one of the most historic steps in its history: the annexation of 30 per cent of the West Bank – excluding East Jerusalem, already annexed by Israel, but including the Jordan Valley.

Domestically, the stage is set due to a little-reported inclusion into the national unity government deal signed last week between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz.

Paragraph 29 of the agreement states that as early as July 1, the Israeli government may introduce legislation on implementing the agreement with the United States – as outlined in the "Deal of the Century" – on the "extension of sovereignty" to Area C.

Although both coalition partners must agree on all legislation, the annexation clause also provides that the particular Bill cannot be blocked by Gantz from going to the Knesset for a vote.