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COVID-19, The Economy & Crypto - Interview with Roger Ver

• Bitcoin.Com Official Channel - Roger Ver

Watch this interview as Roger Ver takes a look at the current state of the economy, and explains why cryptocurrencies are not performing well during this crisis.



0:18 - Main topics of the interview

1:15 - What's going on in the economy? What do you foresee happening in the future?

3:10 - The importance of trading

5:28 - Thoughts on staying home, putting a price on human life, and risks vs. benefits

7:20 - "Are we in a conspiracy?" - "Monkey see, monkey do" analogy

10:42 - "People get sick and die (..) it's part of life"

11:51 - How do you see cryptocurrencies interacting with the current economic crisis? What do you foresee happening in the future?

13:39 - What infrastructure needs to be put in place?

15:10 - What are the pros and cons between BTC and BCH?

17:10 - Arguments: block-size & running a node

19:10 - How would you compare BCH vs. BSV?

20:31 - Thoughts on Venezuela as a prime example

22:33 - Fake news: Roger's comments on the 12.5% miner tax on top of BCH

25:06 - Thoughts on coexistence with other cryptocurrencies

26:20 - Will Bitcoin ever be surpassed by another coin? If so, which one is the most probable?

28:18 - Are there any projects you have your eye on?

30:17 - What is the conversion rate within the Bitcoin Cash Register app?

31:02 - How to buy BCH with no credit card, and no markup fee

33:15 - Are you excited about the future of Bitcoin Cash?

33:32 - Privacy and CashFusion

35:35 - Roger's thoughts on regulations

37:26 - How do you see the power dynamics playing out?

39:02 - Educate yourself!

40:24 - What are your favourite educational tools or books?

43:08 - Final thoughts on the interview