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New coronavirus study could be a GAME CHANGER

• The Blaze

A lesson in media literacy: This Blaze article begins "Researchers at Stanford University suggest that the lockdowns have been an overreaction" and proceeds to discuss Stanford's recent serology testing. Here's the problem, Blaze doesn't provide an actual link to a Stanford source... or any source. So, I did some web browsing. Blaze is actually quoting Professor John P.A. Ioannidis, who was not a researcher on this study. In fact, the Professor's comments are from a month ago, before this study was done, and even back then he said they had "woefully inadequate data." The actual researchers on this serology study are Dr. Thomas Montine and Dr. Scott Boyd, who are saying things like, "If these results are borne out in larger studies, serology testing will be a key approach for identifying people with antibodies who could donate blood to treat current patients" and "This isn't a perfect tool, but it's one tool that I suspect we'll use to help devise protocols for unwinding she