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Infectious Disease Hobbyist Dr. Phil Destroyed For Wild Coronavirus Appearance on Fox News

•, By Tommy Christopher

The doc's appearance on Thursday night's edition of The Ingraham Angle was a wild ride of illogic, misinformation, and just plain stupidity heightened by the fact that the subject was a deadly global pandemic.

Among the wild claims, Dr. Phil told host Laura Ingraham that "We probably shouldn't have ever started" the coronavirus quarantine, and compared deaths from the coronavirus to swimming pool deaths — trotting out several patently inaccurate statistics while he was at it. Most absurdly, Dr. Phil claimed there are 360,000 "swimming pool deaths" a year, one hundred times the number of drowning deaths of any sort.

"But we don't shut the country down for that!" he exclaimed.

The reaction was swift, most unkind, and focused greatly on Dr. Phil's lack of medical credentials. His PhD is in clinical psychology, but as many users pointed out, he's not licensed to practice in any state.