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Cuomo extends New York lockdown until May 15 despite hospitalizations hitting record lows...


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has extended New York's coronavirus lockdown by two weeks until May 15.

Cuomo said on Thursday that while the rate of hospitalizations in New York is decreasing, it was still unclear how many people have actually been infected with COVID-19.

He said the unknown tally of infections is what is stopping him from reopening the economy because if people who don't know they are infected return to work, they risk infecting countless others and wiping out all the progress that has been made. 

Only after May 15 will he begin to consider allowing some people back to work. Even then, it will be a phased return and businesses have to prove how essential they are and then how they can maintain social distancing among employees. 

Then, the workforce will be able to return gradually in percentages in the reverse of how Cuomo shut the state down. In mid-March, businesses first had to reduce their workforce to 75 percent and then to 50 percent before 100 percent had to go home. 

Cuomo gave no confirmation that he would even lift the lockdown order on May 15 or on how long it would take to scale up getting 100 percent of the workforce out of their homes. He also said the plan was reliant on continued antibody testing, but did not clarify which test out of the many on the market he plans to use or how effective it is.