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Bombshell - Blowing the Whistle on COVID-19

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H8St8 commentary on Del Bigtree's excellent video "Blowing the Whistle on COVID-19" at on 9 April 2020. Video links are at the bottom of the article.

A New York doctor treating Covid-19 patients drops bombshell observations in the video embedded below. He had to step down from his ICU position to stop killing patients with the inappropriate and dangerous "standard protocol".

This outstanding video explains the following in the first segment:

COVID-19 is a blood condition and NOT a respiratory disease.

The problem is not enough oxygen in the blood because it can't uptake enough due to the virus.

The treatment using ventilators has raised the death rate from the usual 40-50% of people on ventilators to about 80%.

Instead, blood oxygen levels should be raised with less invasive and far safer means.

HydroxyChloroquine with zinc for only about 6-days has resulted in dramatic improvements in a large majority of seriously ill patients with minimal risk

To keep the blood oxygen levels from dropping, the viral load needs to be reduced.

Later in the video, a top bio statistician exposes:

The peak of people contracting COVID-19 had already passed by the time lockdowns were put in place in the USA and many other places.

The economy is being destroyed in exchange for no benefit compared to a normal flu season.

The lockdown has caused the time when people are infectious to be extended much longer than it might have been otherwise

The only people needing quarantine are the elderly and otherwise high risk people, to keep the load on the medical system from exceeding its capacity.

The lockdowns are causing the quarantine of the at-risk to have to be much longer

There will be more of a second wave in the fall, because natural herd immunity is not as much as it could have been without the lockdowns. Considering some of what Bill Gates and health "leaders" have said, one can't help but wonder if this is their primary intent to sell more, or even mandate, experimental and potentially harmful vaccines being rushed through "trials".

The only thing not elaborated on enough in the video was how to reduce the viral load and keep the blood oxygen levels from plummeting. There are very few FDA-approved antivirals and each has very limited types of virus it is effective on. None have been mentioned as effective in the reports seen so far.

Hydroxychloroquine is not an antiviral, but is working very well in combination with the zinc. Side-effect risks are minimal because use is limited to about 6-days, instead of several weeks for malaria prevention. Unfortunately, supplies of this low-cost generic medication are currently limited. Also, it's use should only begin after symptoms have developed to keep from using it long enough to raise risks. Compared with proposed vaccines, the FDA, CDC and their big pharma owner/partners stand to lose a lot of potential profits from this safe and effective treatment. So, they've been discouraging it.

Colloidal silver is the only thing known to kill all virus and coronavirus without any reported resistance. It was the focus of my recent Pocketnet article, "FDA Confirms Colloidal Silver Safe and Effective Against Corona Virus". That was published before the zinc connection to hydroxychloroquine for more effectiveness and very short duration of the treatment to reduce risk were made clear.

For safe and effective treatment of COVID-19 with a good colloidal silver product, after each meal take 5ml orally. Alternatively, breathe in its cool vapor with a nebulizer or atomizer multiple times per day to get it directly into the blood through the lungs. As a preventative, a single 5ml dose per day can be used. See the above linked Pocketnet article for more information.

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