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Functional Healthcare and Judicial Systems

• Jacob Hornberger -

As I continue to emphasize, there is only one way out of the deadly coronavirus morass — a free-market healthcare system. A genuine free-market healthcare system — one in which healthcare and the state are totally separated — one in which the government plays no role whatsoever in healthcare — one in which the healthcare industry, not government officials, would be leading and guiding us out of the biggest threat to our health in our lifetime.

I repeat: There is no other solution. Sticking to the current paradigm, which has proven beyond all doubt to be a deadly dead-end road — will only bring more unnecessary death, suffering, and impoverishment.

A question naturally arises: How would a free-market healthcare system handle people who don't follow the guidelines set forth by the healthcare professionals? Would the state mandatorily quarantine people with the virus in some sort of coronavirus detention center?

Actually, there is a much better way to handle the situation, one that induces correct behavior through the use of the state's judicial system.

A free-market healthcare system

Keep in mind, first of all, that a free-market response to the coronavirus would have been entirely different from the central-planning response of government officials.

In a system based on central planning, there are inevitably going to be shortages of essential items. That's because the central planners lack the knowledge and expertise to know how many things to produce. Thus for a libertarian, it comes as no surprise that there was a widespread shortage of testing kits when they were needed most.