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REE showing progress in its mission to upend the automotive industry

•, By Loz Blain

These guys don't build vehicles; they build platforms for other people to build vehicles on top of. Just about any kind of electric vehicle too, from lorries to sports cars to off-roaders and autonomous delivery pods. All are possible using the company's hyper-modular architecture, which gives you the flattest, most spacious "skateboard chassis" on the market, and moves the vast majority of the car's core functions into removable "corner modules" at each wheel.

These corner modules are ingenious inventions, combining an incredible amount of functionality into a single chunk that can be quickly removed or even swapped out for instant servicing. Each of these modules can include wheels, brakes, active or passive suspension, motors and steering - an entire drivetrain, steering and braking system built into a single unit that bolts onto the chassis. These components might be sprung, or unsprung, depending on the application.

It's impossible to get more specific than that, because REE says it can tailor each of these components more or less exactly how you like. So your chassis can be a powerful 4WD with long-travel, active suspension, two-wheel steering and heaps of torque, or you can go for low-powered two-wheel drive, minimal suspension and four wheel steering and make yourself a super-maneuverable delivery or warehouse bot.

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