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Microsoft Commercial with Marina Abramovic REMOVED after 22k Dislikes

•, rok-sivante

The Great Awakening is upon us.

A few days ago, Microsoft released a commercial on YouTube featuring Marina Abramovi?, who has recently come to the broader public's attention for her controversial connections with alleged satanic elite pedophiles and "spirit cooking."

As people have been locked up with extra time on their hands, millions have discovered films such as Fall Of The Cabal and the recently-released and massively viral Out Of Shadows which explore much of the rumors/theories/truth emerging regarding such matters.

Consequently Abramovic is no longer a figure known exclusively among a "cultural elite" who's repeatedly been called out on some seriously shady, twisted, horrific shit, but her reputation has proceeded her.

So when Microsoft released their new commercial featuring her... what. the. fuck.

Well, that didn't go well. AT ALL.