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Everything That Is Wrong With America, In One Chart

•, Tyler Durden

If you had any doubt about what (or who) is important to the unelected officials in The Eccles Building (and arguably the elected officials demanding strings be pulled behind the scenes) as they pump asset values ever higher, this chart makes it clear... it's not you America.

In a succinct note from Nordea Capital Markets, entitled rather cleverly "The Flipside Of Oprahnomics" Andreas Steno Larsen and Joachim Bernhardsen use the entertainer's infamous "You get a car, you get a car, everybody gets a car" line as a jumping off point to highlight just how 'unequal' The Fed's "you get a bailout, you get a bailout, everybody gets a bailout" plan really is...

It looks like the bail-out and QE schemes have provided a better windshield for capital owners than for the hourly paid employees, if we judge it by the most recent trends. Equities are UP again, while initial claims keep skyrocketing.