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Live and Let Die: COVID-19 Coronavirus in America

• by Bill Sardi

African Americans have contracted and died of coronavirus at an alarming rate. – ProPublica

Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Communities Hit Hard By Coronavirus  – Time Magazine

Jails Are Petri Dishes': Inmates Freed as the Virus Spreads Behind Bars – New York Times

10% of COVID-19 Cases In California Are Healthcare Workers – Hospital Review

Coronavirus spread to 137 long-term care facilities in Washington state, killing more than 200 people – Seattle Times

In a report entitled: "Hundreds of young Americans have now been killed by the coronavirus, data shows," a woman from Ft. Myers, Florida is quoted to say: "My husband didn't have diabetes, he didn't have asthma, he didn't have high cholesterol. He didn't have anything," He died of coronavirus according to the report in The Washington Post.

True, but he might have been vitamin D deficient.