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Is Your Skin 'Fizzing'?

• By Stefan Stanford

Over the past several months researching and writing about coronavirus, we've run across and reported on numerous different 'oddities' surrounding this 'pandemic' and 'virus' and we came to the conclusion long ago that the American people will likely never learn the truth about covid-19. Whether it is a Chinese bioweapon that 'leaked out' of a Wuhan lab, a creation of the 'deep state' here in America to lock down America, collapse the economy and end President Trump's chances of 2020 re-election or simply 'natural', (the most unlikely of those choices in our opinion), the latest reports we've gotten give huge credence to what R.X. Kendrick had reported in this April 8th ANP story, that covid-19 is somehow tied to the rollout of 5G. 

As the NY Post reported in this April 10th story, nearly half of severe covid-19 cases have also shown neurological symptoms including dizziness, headaches and impaired consciousness. And with the Daily Mail reporting in this April 11th story that another very strange symptom people are reporting has been a sort of 'fizzing' or 'buzzing' or 'electrical feeling' upon or underneath their skin, we couldn't help but noticing that all of those 'symptoms' are also symptoms of microwave illnesses from 5G as we hear in the 1st video at the bottom of this story from WatchWoman65 and read in this recent story over at Now The End Begins