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The Most (And Least) Gun-Friendly States

•, by Kathy Morris

However, the gun industry also creates a lot of jobs and is an economic powerhouse in the US. How many job exactly? 149,146 jobs in 20019, that paid over $6,227,108,200 in wages, and over 21 billion in economic impact. Yes, that's billion with a B.

However, not all states are experiencing the same economic impact from guns. In fact, many states and cities within them have strong gun restrictions.

It made us wonder, which states are the most gun friendly and have the strongest gun industry? Where should someone looking for a job in the fire arms industry look? We hit the numbers to answer all of these questions.

Most 2nd Amendment Friendly States

1. Arizona

2. Idaho

3. Texas

4. Arkansas

5. New Hampshire

6. Georgia

7. Alabama

8. Mississippi

9. Missouri

10. South Carolina