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Resist. It's all horseshit. Resist.


cottages and hovels on pain of imprisonment, barring us from traveling about the country without proper authorization, barring us even from removing our blue or white abzeichen der unterklasse masks!

* Colorado man handcuffed in front of his 6-year-old daughter for violating "social distancing order" in the park:

* 37-year-old New York woman thrown in crowded cell with 24 other women of unknown health status for 36 hours . . . on charges of "failure to maintain proper social distancing" during coronavirus scam:

* Blue-shirted thugs violate First Amendment, issue $500 tickets to entire congregation for listening to Mississippi church service on the radio WHILE REMAINING IN THEIR VEHICLES

Kentucky's Democrat governor orders gray-shirted thugs to photograph license plates at Easter church services — will then impose home imprisonment without trial:

Kentucky Democrat Governor Orders Police to Photograph License Plates At Easter Church Services – Will Then Enforce Home Imprisonment…

* Kentucky Directorate of Coronavirus Compliance orders ankle monitors for uncooperative members of the underclass:

Kentucky Directorate of Coronavirus Compliance Orders Ankle Monitors For Uncooperative Citizens…

* California sheriff warns residents could face imprisonment for not wearing face masks

Philadelphia cops drag man off bus for failure to wear "badge of inferior status" mask. (Broadcasters, politicians and major donors not required to wear masks.)

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Probably the best way to resist is to take all kinds of people to trial-by-jury court regarding two major things: 1) Constitution/Oath-of-Office; 2) expert witness, on the stand, under oath, for the truth about Coronavirus. We need professional debaters to ask the expert witnesses, bot regarding Constitution, and regarding CV. If CV is bad, we want to know that it is bad. We don't need this continual hearsay from the media. And, we need to know how far we are free regarding what the basic law really says. both of these things will work together regarding each other. We need multitudes of trials by jury all over the country to see what the people want.

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