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UK Press 'Names & Shames' Prominent Professors For Promoting'ConspiracyTheories'Abou

• by Tyler Durden

Keep in mind, many of the same writers who accused Zero Hedge of promoting 'conspiracy theories' about a possible connection between the novel coronavirus and a nearby bioweapons lab - contributing to a permanent suspension from Twitter, a social media org which purports to be a 'marketplace of ideas' free of political bias - shamelessly promoted the false 'Trump-Russia' conspiracy for years.

Buzzfeed was one of the most notorious publishers of Trump 'Piss Tape' fictions in a transparent play for clicks. But was that a 'conspiracy theory', too? We've yet to hear an answer.

But by far the most sensitive topic for contemporary 'conspiracy theories' is the novel coronavirus and its origins. As researchers and scientists bandy about ideas and test out different theories, many in the British press apparently now see these activities as threats to the public welfare, and are now moving to 'name and shame' academics accused of promoting 'conspiracy theories' - lest they poison the minds of the next generation of Britons.