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Report: Drudge Loses 200 Million Monthly Pageviews and Goes Full 'Never Trump'...

•, by Missy Crane

Many people are asking, "what the heck has happened to Drudge?"

The once pro-Trump has taken a very hard "left turn" (just like Fox News), and now has a decidedly #NeverTrump vibe.

These polls are all fixed, total garbage, and the media and Deep State are pushing them to gaslight Trump supporters and push through with impeachment.

A man that 52% of Americans supposedly want to toss out of office, does not pull in 40k at a rally. It's absurd.

Drudge knows better.
He doesn't care.
He wants President Trump gone.

This downward spiral has been happening since 2017.
In May 2017 at his peak, the Drudge Report had over one billion views!