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Chef demonstrates surreal chopping skills in hilarious spoof cookery video


You Suck At Cooking is a YouTube account which creates videos that aim to help people create incredible dishes through simple tutorials and dead pan humour.

His latest video, 41 Quick Food Tricks, demonstrates spoof methods for cutting vegetables.

One example sees the chef drop a pumpkin on his foot which explodes into a handful of oranges.

Another sees him turn a cabbage into Brussels sprouts which he then throws against a wall to turn into peas. He then stamps his hand on them to create a green powder.

At one point in the video the narrator says: 'you're going to need a leek' and places one on a chopping board - before a trickle of water runs out from one end of the vegetable.

The video from March 26 recently re-emerged and has 1,184,295 views on YouTube and 89,000 like ratings. Part of the fun of You Suck At Cooking is the comments left by his fans who join in with the jokes.