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Like magic! Genius TikTok hack reveals how to get PERFECT curly hair using...


As salons around the globe have shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic, beauty lovers are coming up with a host of genius ways to style their own hair - and one particularly easy curling trick is taking social media by storm. 

The clever hack calls for nothing more than a pair of stockings or a robe belt, and it requires heat - yet according to those who have tried it, the trick results in perfect, professional-looking curls. 

Indeed the hack has proved so popular that social media app TikTok has been flooded with videos from users who have put it to the test - including celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, who admitted that she was stunned with just how well it worked.  

After testing out the hair curling trick for herself, Justine then posted a tutorial on her own TikTok account, detailing exactly how to replicate the style at home.  

For her take on the hack, Justine used a pair of old stockings - however plenty of other users have experienced near-identical results while using the belt from their bathrobe.