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When Work Is Punished:

• by Tyler Durden

A number of years ago, we first introduced the topic of a 'welfare cliff' at which more work was punished - i.e. the 'generosity' of the package of welfare benefits creates a perverse incentive not to work any harder...

As we wrote at the time, one of the tragedies of America today is that so many adults of sound mind and body do not support themselves and their families. It's a tragedy not because they suffer material want; indeed, relatively few suffer so, because government assistance satisfies many of their material needs.

It's tragic because one of the keys to human happiness is earned self-respect, which requires, as Charles Murray has written, making one's own way in the world. The vast majority of poor people don't want welfare; they don't want handouts; they want a good job with which they can support themselves and their families comfortably.