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The Newspeaking "Free" Press

• by Tim Hartnett

Visiting the "about" section on that website turns up this quote describing their mission statement:

"Free Press (501c3) and Free Press Action Fund (501c4) are two separate, autonomous and interrelated organizations. Both organizations are completely independent: We don't take money from business, government or political parties and rely on the generosity of charitable foundations and individual donors to fuel our work."

On March 24th, Mr. Aaron had an article published on The Columbia Journalism Review's website, under the title, "Journalism Needs a Stimulus. Here's What it Should Look Like". Like Commodus in Gladiator, the reading public could be a little hazy, the two ideas don't seem to jibe. Here's a citation from Aaron's article:
"Free Press, the independent, nonprofit advocacy organization I lead, champions structural solutions to the news business's dire financial problems. We've long campaigned for more federal and state support for public media, opposed media consolidation, and argued that journalism is too important to democracy to be left to the whims of the market."