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How to make your own BUTTER...

•, By Bridie Pearson Jones

Georgie Halfacree, from London, often shares hacks on her TikTok page for making home cooking fun and easy.

In her latest video, the blogger posted a clip of herself making a homemade butter, using just a carton of double cream and a mason jar. 

It comes after she shared another video of herself making oat milk, which racked up two million views on the video sharing platform.  

To make butter, the blogger reveals that all she does is shake up a packet of double cream. 

'Don't even think about binning double cream right now', she says.

'Pour your double cream into a mason jar, and fit the lid. And keep shaking it.

'Eventually you're going to get to whipped cream, just keep shaking it.

After lots of shaking, it becomes a butter and she pours away the excess liquid - the 'butter milk'.

From there, she puts the butter into a bowl of cold water and then squeezes all the water out.