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Due to the Coronavirus Hoax, Consider the Consequences of Martial Law and --

• by Gary D. Barnett

First, all the legislation, executive orders, and mass control measures happening now will never go away, and will cause undue tragedy for years to come. Secondly, the biggest wealth transfer in history is going on right before our eyes, and of course is mostly ignored due to this government manufactured false pandemic. The economic fallout that has already caused mass devastation will only worsen the longer these quarantine measures are in place, and will cause havoc for an unknown amount of time.

Surveillance of the entire population will continue, and in fact expand. As more restrictive measures are forthcoming from the state governors whose egos are now consumed by the massive power gained by simply claiming emergency status, more compliance will be demanded. Partial or full martial law and medical martial law continues to be implemented, and the very adverse consequences of such actions will cause extreme stress, depression, dire financial harm, psychological trauma, additional sickness and death, and most likely an increase in suicide that has never before been seen. None of these factors have been addressed by those responsible for all these totalitarian measures. 

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