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Mississippi mom who homeschools all SEVEN of her children shares tips for parents ...


A dedicated mother-of-seven who has been homeschooling her children for four years is sharing her tips with parents who are struggling to cope with having their kids at home all day during the coronavirus pandemic.     

Mississippi stay-at-home mom Kristen Schroder, 35, had seven children in just eight years — and, while she admits that it can be quite difficult, she also encourages others to embrace the time with their kids.

'There will be weeks that feel like they'll never end. There will be moments when you doubt if the kids are learning enough,' she said. '[But] enjoy being with your children. They grow up so fast and you do not want to miss them.'

Kristen wasn't homeschooled herself growing up, and neither was her husband. 

It was only when she had children that she decided to homeschool, determining that it was the best way she could take care of her children, husband, and home.

'Homeschooling is my vocation — calling me to love and take care for my husband and children. I could best fulfill this calling by starting at home.

'I have seven little ones all aged eight and under. There are no twins. They're just close in age. If you count pre-school with my eldest, we've been homeschooling for four years.