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'Octagon', 'Freejack' & 'Zodiac' Are Now In Play!...


With the state of California now under martial law after Governor Gavin Newsom issued a 'stay-at-home' lockdown order for the state's 40 million residents and pressure upon President Trump coming from many sides to lock America down in an attempt to stop the spread of death across the nation, this new story out at Newsweek confirms this Right Wing Tribune story; the US Department of Defense has given stand-by orders to ensure 'continuity of government' in America for the first time in recent US history.

And with both President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence potentially exposed to the killer virus that's weaving a pathway of death and economic ruin across the planet after they had both met with a Brazilian official who had tested positive for COVID-19 one of the reasons why the US DOD's 'COG program' is now in full effect, we'll explore within this ANP story the latest signs of trouble ahead with even a potential US military commander becoming America's 'Commander in Chief' in our near future should worst case scenarios unfold.