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EHang flies into Spain to build air taxi test infrastructure

•, By Paul Ridden

According to a report by the European Commission, over half of the people of Europe live in urban sprawls comprising more than 10,000 inhabitants. These people share the same mobility infrastructure, facing the daily stresses of increased traffic congestion, traffic accidents and air pollution. EHang sees its air taxis as a means of getting people from A to B in a relatively efficient and eco-friendly manner, while also offering potential for tourist applications.

The cooperation agreement with the city of Seville follows the granting of an operational flight permit by the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway earlier in the month for long term testing of the EHang 216. This latest agreement will see EHang build passenger transportation, air logistics and command and control platforms in the municipality of Seville.

City officials will also work with the company to secure flight permits for test flights and route planning.